Seeking Escape Blog – An Introduction


It seems fitting that the first blog post should be an introduction.  How and why does one start a blog?  I guess there are as many reasons as there are blogs.  Each have their own unique reason.  Some love to write.  Some just chronicle.  I guess I fall in the latter, and definitely not in the former.  I envisioned myself having a blog after I retired, had a sailboat and sailed off to explore the world, like many of the blogs that I currently read.  But I also wanted a record of my journey to get there.

And it will be a long journey.  There are many hurdles to overcome.  The biggest is finances.  And that takes time.  It turns out that my minimum savings “number” could occur right about the time that my only child begins college.  Another hurdle is learning how to sail, buying a sailboat, and preparing it for the adventure.  Instead of starting this blog after all of this has occurred, I thought I would start chronicling the journey to get there.  I will be discussing spending less, saving more, and preparing financially for retirement.  Part of that preparation is my plan to buy a sailboat, outfit it for live-aboard, and sailing away to the Caribbean.

Seeking Escape

I am seeking escape.  I am seeking escape from hyper-consumerism.  I am seeking escape from debt.  I am seeking escape from cold winters.  And mostly, I’m seeking escape from the daily grind.

And so it begins…

(Photo:  Maze Starts Here by Michael Coghlan (CC BY-SA)

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