Liyuan Garden

Wow, time has just flown by.  Far too long has it been since I updated this blog.  About 2 years now.  And so much has happened in those two years.  I’ve taken trips to see Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Oman, Nepal, finished my assignment in China and moved back home to USA, and trip to see Spain, Portugal and Morocco.  I got very sick on my visit to India (my fifth time there) when I caught Dengue Fever and brought it back to China, where I had the first ever case of it in Jiangsu province.  And now two years later we are all being impacted by Covid-19.  Because of covid, there is essentially zero travel, especially international.  I’ve been working from home and haven’t been into the office in 8 months, yet I haven’t carved out enough time to update the blog with photos and videos of these awesome experiences I’ve had.  Well, here’s an attempt to get a little something shared with all of you.

My daughter and I took a Didi (Chinese Uber) to this park recommended by others.  It was a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, buildings, water, bridges and a feast for the eyes.  Have a look for yourself.

First a video:


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